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Carbon Trim Screen

Usual Harga: 1,107.8 MYR (29,000 yen)
Harga jualan: 998.43~ MYR (26,137 yen)
anda Jimat:
109.37 MYR (10%)
Point : 261~pt (1%)
Please select a color:
  • Clear
  • Smoke
  • Super coat
Please select the specifications:
  • Material: Plain Weave Carbon
  • Material: Twill Weave Carbon

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* Tarikh Penghantaran dan masa Anggaran ketibaan tidak menjamin.
Sebaik sahaja pesanan anda diletakkan, kami akan menyemak stok pengeluar dan menghantar Masa penghantaran yang disahkan melalui e-mel.

BMW S1000RR 15-

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Carbon Trim Screen is invented by Magical racing · It is original parts developed..
Carbon trim mounts Screen for compressed air forming of for Race which can obtain clear visibility, so to speak "Upper Cowl continuation" is. Rupping running SUPER BIKE and JSB 1000 RACING The shape of the Upper Cowl of Scene differs from the one of OEM in the vicinity of the Mount of Screen, is not it where you are aware of GSX riders?
*There are cases that the super coated screen might be difficult to respond to ETC sensor. Please mount the ETC sensor to the vehicle with a super coated screen except inside the screen.
* Please note in advance that cancellation and/or return of this product cannot be accepted once the order has been placed.
* Produk ini akan dibuat selepas membuat pesanan, Kami akan melihat masa penghantaran currect selepas kami menerima pesanan.
* Item ini tidak boleh dibatalkan, dikembalikan atau pertukaran selepas membuat pesanan.
* Gambar adalah hanya untuk rujukan. Imej yang ditunjukkan mungkin berbeza daripada produk sebenar.
* If there may be an instruction manual included, it will be written in Japanese.
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    Carbon Trim Screen Magical Racing
    sawan: BMW S1000RR 15-
    • BMW S1000RR 15-

    magical trim screen

    Dicatat Mar 12, 2017
    oleh NO NAME (1)dariMalaysia

    this product very awesome and
    Although the price was expensive, I bought it by being drawn by other looks....

    Carbon Trim Screen Magical Racing
    sawan: BMW S1000RR 15-
    • BMW S1000RR 15-

    Carbon beautiful

    Dicatat Jun 24, 2017

    Magical's Material : Carbon goods are always beautiful.This time Carbon of Trim part is very beautiful.Just remove 4 Screen bolts and replace.Bolt and Well nut for replacement comes along, so it's kind.Well nut is Large strange to remove it from using it once.Screen height will be slightly higher than OEM.I have not felt the effect yet, but...

    Carbon Trim Screen Magical Racing
    sawan: BMW S1000RR 15-
    • BMW S1000RR 15-

    Focus on appearance

    Dicatat May 3, 2017

    It is a purchase-oriented purchase. Gold price is high (It can not be helped because the Base part is Carbon)The feeling attached is a motorcycle with a completely different look. Headlight part looks Large.Since the texture is Carbon, it is light and durable. I thought whether twill weave is good but it is a purchase thinking that it will be more ...

    Carbon Trim Screen Magical Racing
    sawan: BMW S1000RR 15-
    • BMW S1000RR 15-

    Parenthesis is good!

    Dicatat Dec 16, 2015

    The hole to insert the Nut etc was different from the OEM, so it took me extra time to install, but such a thing is okay!From now on I will customize R25 with MRCarbon property Custom parts (* - Ω - ノ

    Carbon Trim Screen Magical Racing
    sawan: BMW S1000RR 15-
    • BMW S1000RR 15-

    Cost performance Bad

    Dicatat Jun 23, 2015

    Although the price was expensive, I bought it by being drawn by other looks.Carbon and Super coat are so conspicuous that they are satisfactory to the eye.However, Super coat part is considerably brittle, and it will scratch immediately.Because there is a Carbon part, visibility in the screen is quite bad though it is natural.It took a long time to...

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