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posted Jul 12, 2018

L 사이즈 헬멧과 M 사이즈 헬멧 사이즈 2개 구매 했는데 크기는 차이...

By Anonymous (1)FromSouth Korea

z-7 power up 디자인이 너무 이뻐서 주문후 3~4주 기다려서 받았습니다. 2개 주문 했는데 하나는 그냥 통관 되었고 하나는 통관에 걸려서 세금을 물었네요. 10만원 지불 했습니다. 사진으로 보는 것 보다 훨씬 더 이쁘고 세련 됐습니다.
핼멧 사면 핀락도 같이 들어 있어요. 이건 별도 인줄 알았는대 원래 같이 포함 되더라구요. 모르고 받았더니 기분이 더 좋네요 ㅋㅋ
그리고 실리콘 오일이라고 작은게 있는데 실드에 바르는 건지 잘은 모르겠습니다. 턱 고정이 버클 방식이 아니라 링 2개에 엇갈리게 끼워서 하는 거라 이게 좀 불편함이 있습니다. 나머지는 다른 헬멧 들이랑 떡같은것 같아요. ...

IBUKI DARK [Dark Flat Black/Red] Helmet OGK
posted Jul 12, 2018


By Anonymous (1)FromHong Kong

The helmet is very ventilated, but it is very noisy when driving. The anti-fog lens is very practical, and the quick release safety buckle design can cause neck discomfort.

Helmet Holder (with Exclusive Key & Spare Key) SP TAKEGAWA (Special Parts TAKEGAWA)
Fits: HONDA 400X (NC47)
  • HONDA 400X (NC47)
  • HONDA CB400F (NC47)
  • HONDA CBR400R (NC47)
  • HONDA CBR250R (MC41) (1000001-)
posted Jul 10, 2018


By Anonymous (10)FromChina

The helmet lock is of course a must, and the stolen ones know its importance, especially for the one who has stolen a limited edition Arai... the front of the car is equipped with a mobile phone stand and another helmet loc...

QWEST [Pearl Gray Metallic] Helmet SHOEI
posted Jul 7, 2018

Get advantageous at disposal price

By Japan User(translated) (159576)FromJapan

I've been wearing the full face of ARAI until now, but wind noise was badly bothering me.I bought SHOEI for the first time this time.It is not Wae Big, but I was able to buy it at one point left for stock disposal.It is a product in the Standard position in the Full face, but I think that both the quality is high.Size is also well tightened the...

Helmet Lock BABYFACE
Fits: BMW S1000RR 15-
  • BMW S1000RR 15-
posted Jul 6, 2018


By Anonymous (10)FromChina

I was stolen before the helmet and bought a lot of domestic helmet locks. However, there was no uselessness. The money was slipping away, so I bought a big brand under the blood. This brand did not disappoint me. I just installed it soon. I als...

X-14 ASSAIL [TC-5 Black/Silver] Helmet SHOEI
posted Jul 6, 2018

빠른 배송~~굿

By Anonymous (2)FromSouth Korea

저번에 Z-7 구매해서 만족하며 사용하다가 X-14가 풍절음도 적고 좋다길래 이번에 구매하게 되었습니다.
확실히 성능면에서는 z-7보다 x-14가 월등히 좋네요.고속에서 바람 가르는게 확실히 틀립니다.풍절음도 적구요..
단점이라면 너무 대두핏이라는게..그래도 디자인이 너무 이뻐서 용서 됩니다....

RT-33 [White] Helmet OGK
posted Jul 4, 2018

It is a light helmet with a comfortable ...

By Japan User(translated) (159576)FromJapan

○ Purchase motiveOGK Kabuto which occupies a high share in Helmet for for Motorcycle, but how about it for Motorcycle?I think that I am doing my best at Specifications and at prices. Because I am big-headed (Lol) I bought RT-33 with less air resistance so that it seems to be good.〇 Required Shield fine adjustmentI covered it.. Closing the large shi...

CWR-1 PINLOCK (R) EVO Lens [Optional/Repair Parts] SHOEI
Fits: Others GT-Air SHOEI
  • Others GT-Air SHOEI
  • Others QWEST SHOEI
  • ...and more.
posted Jul 4, 2018

핀락은 좋은 제품입니다.

By Anonymous (3)FromSouth Korea

쇼에이 헬멧을 구입하고서 정확하게 맞는 핀락덕분에 쉴드에 습기가 생기지 않습니다.
시간이 지날수록 변색이 약간 생기지만, 그래도 쉴드나 선바이저의 수명보다 핀락의 수명이 가장 긴것 같습니다.
세일기간에 쉴드와 선바이저와 핀락을 함께 저렴하게 구입하게되어 행운으로 생각합니다....

XD OUTLINE Helmet Blue Arai
posted Jul 3, 2018

Arai Defiant X

By Anonymous (1)FromUnited States

Probably the best helmet I've got so far. I ordered it last June 28, and I got the package in just 4 days. Plus 2 days due to customs checking. The packaging was in great condition, no scratches whatsoever.
On to the helmet.
The fit is a bit tight at first. I just need to break it in for a few days. But it snugs my entire head perfectly. It d...

SAJ-P Shield OGK
Fits: Others AVAND-II OGK
  • Others AVAND-II OGK
  • Others AVAND OGK
posted Jul 3, 2018

Even at night use is OK.

By Japan User(translated) (159576)FromJapan

Previously, I used Helmet from ARAI, but I replaced it with Helmet of OGK this time. I used it instead of Furusumaku before. I was glad that the face was not visible because it was an uncle, but it was getting out of sight at night, like Tunnel, so it was getting better now, so it was a correct answer with Medium Smoke.

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