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Ranked 10 of 1,795 brands  dalam Helm Full Face
(1,174 Ulasan Pelanggan)
Sangat bagus
laman Rasmi

SHOEI's "premium helmet" is meant to be with high safety and various effective performances and superior design. SHOEI's premium helmet is favored and recognized as global brand by many riders of the world!

SHOEI X-14 ASSAIL [TC-5 Black/Silver] Helmet

Astonished at making too much Z-7 and swapped quickly Quantity : 2pc. Set eyes SHOEI. I feel that the current SHOEI embodies the Helmet philosophy as much as possible.<Overall rating>Attention t...


I use it on commuting at SHOEI X-ElevenSeries.In conclusion, one solution to the anti-fog measure was solved by this.I should have earlier acquired without earring it.It is now nostalgic when I was pa...

SHOEI NEOTEC [Black] Helmet

Since the size of the handheld SHOEIHelmet was 61 cm,NEOTEC also purchased 61 cm.Size of the head was OKBecause the chinstrap is shortIt is a little cramped when the face is Large.In addition, Helmet ...

SHOEI GT-Air [Matte Black] Helmet

My Head size is 58.5cm.
It is very comportable and light weight for me. and sunvisor is really really awesome.
but It looks like a little bit bigger than other helmet....


First transaction in webike. I am very successful on this buying,
The Helmet is very beautiful. Since it is related to safty, I dont have enough brave to but the cheaper one. So I choose the japan ...

SHOEI TYPE-H Center Pad [Repair/Optional Parts]

Second buy in webike, The photo shown the original one (right side one) and the new one (left side one). The new one is a bit bigger so the wearing cavity is smaller. The original one is a bit loose f...

SHOEI TYPE-H Center Pad [Repair/Optional Parts]

Second buy in webike, This size in good fit for me, And installation is very easy. Anyway i am very successful in this transaction.

SHOEI CJ-2 PINLOCK (R) Mirror Shield

Match with my second J-Cruise Reborn TC-10 (Limited).
Just suggest to my friend to buy this visor too.
The ATA about 15-20 days using normal parcel service....

SHOEI V-440 Visor

I bought it because the sun is shining brightly. Because it is a small Visor, I am satisfied with a moderate effect without disturbing vision.Wind Cutting I was prepared for the sound to increase, but...

SHOEI HORNET-ADV [Matte Black] Helmet

I just got this helmet over a few weeks. For me, this is very high quality Japan made helmet. The airflow is good. Very quiet. A bit heavy for me. I'm happy with this premium helmet.

SHOEI NO.10 Sticker

Cut was not on the backing paper.Pull it and stretch it. When loosening, bubbles enter.Since it is transparent except for letters and frames, care is taken on where to paste.

SHOEI NO.10 Sticker

As I purchased the other day, NeoTEC imperial's head in the back of the head is monotonous and boring, so purchase to Accent.In fact I wanted a reflection type Sticker, but I could not find the on...

SHOEI NO.8 Works Sticker Red

It is a type where only letters remain when stuck. Stickers of this type are often problematic in durability, but this is very solid and does not peel off even if rubbing tightly after car washing. Co...

SHOEI Patch 16A White/Navy Blue

I ordered my everyday wearing Parka. Purchase to.Attaching this Emblem to Parka etc. is attention because handicraft glue etc is required.quality - There are no places to worry about separately becaus...

SHOEI NO.1 Sticker 9cm

Put it on the unnamed Helmet "Nanchato SHOEI" I bought it for. I bought without any doubt that it is a product of 1 Piece, but surprised to see it when I arrived, Quantity : 1 Set of 2pcs. w...

SHOEI NO.10 Sticker

A successful bid for Helmet at a certain Oak ring.I bought it for the amount of SHOEIMark.SHOEI 's Helmet pasted because I had an Image with Manufacturer logo in this position.I think that the col...

SHOEI No.12 Sticker

A successful bid for Helmet at a certain Oak ring.There was no forehead sticker with the preference owner's preference.Hurry and order various stickers after making a successful bid.Large was just...

SHOEI NO.1 Sticker 9cm

As Under Cowl had some kind of scratches like scratches, hidden injuries.Although the product itself is an ordinary Sticker, it is not noticeable intense degradation such as discoloration after car wa...

SHOEI NO.10 Sticker

I peeled off the x-twelve's OEMS ticker and replaced it.Photo Right is the original Sticker and Left has replaced it.Smaller than the original Sticker.Large Tiny without Small It is just right Lar...

SHOEI NO.10 Sticker

It suits in black and a Gun-meta system well [ a Design and a Size are good and ].
Although he thought that it was merely mine, it was like [ which does not separate easily from pasteboard, but thin...


I used it immediately in the hot weather.Because it is Mesh, I was able to spend comfortably with good ventilation.Design was not too flashy too much and it was nice to buy it.


【What made you decide the purchase?】- Since purchasing Helmet of SHOEI for the first time, I fell in love with the high functionality, so I also wanted Cap to match.- Black color- If you look closely ...


When I got to go to GW, I purchased it because the wide amount was uselessly tanned and it hurts - - - On the contrary, people with wide forehead like me are cautioned because the reverse side of embr...


SHOEISHOEI RS CapI changed Helmet to a new SHOEI so I purchased Cap as well..It is solid, durable and likely to last long, and I am very satisfied.I think that Cost performance is good..


I was looking for Mesh's hatBecause Helmet is SHOEII bought this item (^ ○ ^)Quality is steadyThe price is not so expensiveIt's quite good ParenthesisI'm glad I bought it


Wearing as a Cap on the break Point of form, touch complaint nothing, and the Touring point designed and covered enjoys itself, and, also in a Helmet and a Cap, SHOEI is Hideyasu.

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