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N PROJECT is a comprehensive brand that has a large assortment of parts that are useful in various situations. They develop motorcycle parts corresponding to all vehicle model.

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N PROJECT CRF250 Twin Exhaust System Slip-on Silen...

It is quite Cool because the Silencer part is an angle not elsewhere, but Quantity : Pair (for Left and Right) The position is quite GapAlthough I changed the position of Bracket and changed the thick...

N PROJECT Stainless Breeder (for Brembo)

OEM's Breeder is made of iron, it rusts from it when you apply Double-end Wrench, so we made it a rain-proof Stainless Steel.Size is also strange Size as OEM is 11 mm, but this product is 10 mm so...

N PROJECT Clip-on Tachometer 2

I bought to check the Yamaha's SDR and Suzuki's EPO's idling speed, but both installation and wiring were easy. The response is not as high as the high needle type tachometer, but at the p...

N PROJECT Stainless Brake Pads Pin E- Type

OEMPin has deteriorated, so I replaced it with another company product.I was worried about fixing with β Pin, but I was relieved because it stopped properly.There was also a hole for Wiring so fixed W...

N PROJECT Cigarette Socket USB Convert 2-port/with...

Even if put in Cigar socket, there is no rattling, vibration etc etc. It can not be easily removed with.Energized state can be confirmed with LED, visibility is also good with Compact.Since the output...

N PROJECT Caliper Adapter

It is for CB 400 but since OuterCase is the same, I used NSR 250 mc 18 Caliper for VTR 250As the top of the Bad protrudes a little more than the disc, so it is necessary to correct the pad regularly, ...

N PROJECT Clip-on Tachometer 2

My cruise has no Tachometer so I tried this. I worried about the installation location but I could not keep up and tried installing on the top that will not disturb the reading of the Speedometer. Bat...

N PROJECT Stainless Brake Pads Pin F- Type

It is an exchange with OEM product of rust rustMaterial : Titanium was also a candidate but rejected as if it was Cost likeEven with the same iron it will be Stainless so we will upgrade both durabili...

N PROJECT Stainless Brake Pad Pin B-Type

I changed MAJESTYS 's Rear caliper to brembo' s Crab, but OEMPad pin was pretty hard, so I had difficulty removing it for each Maintenance. After turning it into this, the attachment / detachm...

N PROJECT Stainless Brake Pad Pin J-Type

I used it for about half a year since purchase. Usage is Circuit On, but the frequency is as low as 1 or 2 times per month.However, the part which touches Pad already and the part which is easily rubb...

N PROJECT Digital Volt Meter + USB

I fixed it to Emon's L-shaped Bracket with Double-sided Tape and Tie Wrap and attached it together with Bolt of Cowl.It is hard to see if the surroundings are bright, but if you are a bit shade, y...

N PROJECT Carbon Sheet Twill I-Type (380mm×400mm)

OEMSilencer of VTR FI is Cover of Stainless Steel, but it is easy to scratch and dirty after rainy weather etc are conspicuous, so we decided to wind this Carbon Seat.In the case of 40 × 38, in order ...

N PROJECT Digital Volt Meter + USB

Bought many times to install on my new bikes. This saves space since it is both a USB charger and a voltmeter in a single unit. I was a bit worried if it is weatherproof but it seems to withstand bike...

N PROJECT Wiring Plate M6

There is a problem in the position to hold Plate in this car model.There is a Bolt hole of M6 which is not used for Engine, so it is diverted.If you use it again, is it the base of Oil filler? - - -It...

N PROJECT Stainless Gasoline Bottle (Carrying Fuel...

I came to ride the Injection car, the reserve Tank disappeared, only the Gasoline meter became frustrating so purchaseIt is as small as 700 cc but it is enough for emergency use.Spout is also wide, go...

N PROJECT Wiring Plate M6

I used it at NSR 50.I bought it for Wire lock of Oil Filler Cap and Drain bolt.It is convenient because you can create a fixed place for Wire simply by fastening it to Bolt of Clutch cover at the prop...

N PROJECT Digital Volt Meter + USB

Since I use USB frequently and I use Battery of Made in China, I always find it useful because I can see the voltage I care about always with one switch. Also the characters are easy to see. I think t...

N PROJECT Digital Volt Meter + USB

Since it adds HID, it is attached for voltage management(Lower side of the photo) USB may be necessary in the futureI made this product so that USB can also be used from the beginning.Even if the swit...

N PROJECT Carbon Sheet Twill F-Type (380x100mm)

Although it is its shortage of researches, and lapse of judgement, it has been freely convinced that it can stick like a Cutting sheet with this simple substance.
If double-stick tape is used, it con...

N PROJECT Helmet & Convenience Hook Φ22.2

although the Basket is attached to the HUMMING, a Convenience hooks is attached and there is nothing -- -- it is the highest hanging little shopping.
Since also making is solid, it is safe.

N PROJECT Vest Heat USB 17 (Electrical Hot Inner V...

Ideas which superimposes the front body like a kimono is wonderful. This realized the best of Free Size. It is also good that you can wear without worrying about the thickness of what you wear under. ...

N PROJECT Touch Panel Moving!!

I purchased the cold waterproof gloves, but I noticed that there is no Touch panel and purchased this item remembered. This Tape is very convenient and the Touch panel also works well. If Tape is a li...

N PROJECT Touch Panel Moving!!

I put it on Left's Gloves index finger. The person who pushed with the fingertip reacts well and it reduces mistaking by mistake, so it is nice to put it to your fingertips. Depending on the mater...

N PROJECT Touch Panel Moving!!

iPhone and a smart phone have been operated with the Glove carried out.It is a Recommendation for those who are being used for the Navigation.although only stuck on the index finger, Pinch operation (...

N PROJECT Touch Panel Moving!!

Since it used instead of the Navigation, this product was purchased.
Although it reacts perfectly with the Glove made from leather, it does not react with a water proof Glove.
Although a size carries ...

N PROJECT Touch Panel Moving!!

User-friendliness was beyond expectation well as it is unexpected for operating the Navigation of a Motorcycle, with a Glove attached.
Although it was not so cheap for a free Seal, it was thought tha...

N PROJECT Touch Panel Moving!!

I think that they are goods of the passing mark.
Unless it adjusts die length well, a Touch panel does not react easily.
It could adjust well, three Gloves carried out the both difference, and it wa...

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