Black Cover 2 Standard for Top Case Equipped Vehicle DAYTONA
sawan: SUZUKI ST250
  • SUZUKI ST250
  • ...dan banyak lagi.
posted Jan 22, 2017

I am very satisfied.

oleh Japan User(translated) (143091)dariJapan

I attach SHAD's Top case SH 40 to PCX 125. I like very much with a good Size. Two years, I am lo...

Black Cover 2 STD DAYTONA
sawan: YAMAHA MAJESTY S (Majesty)16 【SG28J-】
  • YAMAHA MAJESTY S (Majesty)16 【SG28J-】
  • SR400 16 【RH03J-】
posted Jan 19, 2017

It is a product with a sense of affinity...

oleh Japan User(translated) (143091)dariJapan

I've been using Takumi's Bike Cover, but because it's expensive, I purchased a relativel...

Fireproof Motorcycle Cover Osaka Seni
sawan: Others Universal
  • Others Universal
posted Jan 12, 2017

I was satisfied with overall comprehensi...

oleh Japan User(translated) (143091)dariJapan

Moped Motorcycle 's Cover has deteriorated, so I replaced it.It feels like I was shakers lighter...

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