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Key Holder CNC Type KIJIMA
sawan: Others Universal
  • Others Universal
posted Feb 13, 2018

Kijima key holder cnc Type

oleh DrPong99 (17)dariThailand

Kijima key holder cnc Type หัวกุญแจงานคุณภาพจากค่ายดัง Kijima ใช้งานง่าย สะดวกสบาย มีสไตล์ไม่ซ้ำใคร ในราคาที่ไม่แพง

USB Extension Cable DAYTONA
posted Feb 11, 2018

Gold is a waste.

oleh Japan User(translated) (156058)dariJapan

It seems convenient for Curl DOCODE, but when I actually used it, it was a completely bad product. First of all, although the length is written as 1 m, if you have attached a USB port around Handlebar (I think that it is common) If it is, it will not reach the bottom of Jacket. Strictly speaking, there is not never arriving, but here is the second ...

Aluminum BOX Base FLAT Kit + Rear Box Sets ENDURANCE
sawan: HONDA PCX(10.3-12.4) JF28-1000001-1099999、PCX(12.5-14.3) JF28-1100001-1399999、PCX(14.4-) JF56-1000001-、PCX150(12.4-14.4) KF12-1000001-1299999、PCX150(14.5-) KF18-1000001-
  • HONDA PCX(10.3-12.4) JF28-1000001-1099999、PCX(12.5-14.3) JF28-1100001-1399999、PCX(14.4-) JF56-1000001-、PCX150(12.4-14.4) KF12-1000001-1299999、PCX150(14.5-) KF18-1000001-
posted Feb 11, 2018

The loading capacity increased by one ma...

oleh Japan User(translated) (156058)dariJapan

It is good that the base and Case are as much as 50 L as set sales.It is still good because I think that two full faces fit perfectly.It is Wound that the number of keys increases

Wrist Band Black TSR
posted Feb 11, 2018

Speaking of Tank Separated Type! - - -

oleh Japan User(translated) (156058)dariJapan

Speaking of Tank Separated Type! - - - Wrist band! Wrist band is attached to Brake tank in Motorcycle when I am a teens again. I thought that it was a thing to wear on the Brake tank, not thinking of Band to be wrist at the time (Lol) Both cars and Motorcycle are Brake tanks wanting to wear the Wrist band!

Service Manual (Base Version) [Japanese] KAWASAKI
sawan: KAWASAKI GPZ900R 1992 ZX900-A9 【Frame number】 : ZX900A-063001- 【Engine number】 : ZX900AE048501-
  • KAWASAKI GPZ900R 1992 ZX900-A9 【Frame number】 : ZX900A-063001- 【Engine number】 : ZX900AE048501-
  • KAWASAKI GPZ900R 1998 ZX900-A11 【Frame number】 : ZX900A-078001-085000 【Engine number】 : ZX900AE048501-
  • KAWASAKI GPZ900R 1993 ZX900-A10 【Frame number】 : ZX900A-068001-078000 【Engine number】 : ZX900AE048501-
  • KAWASAKI GPZ900R 1999 ZX900-A12 【Frame number】 : ZX900A-085001- 【Engine number】 : ZX900AE048501-
  • ...dan banyak lagi.
posted Feb 10, 2018

It is a textbook of Maintenance

oleh Japan User(translated) (156058)dariJapan

GPZ900R A8 (1991) ~ A12 (1999) It is the service manual described for.Service manual is "Manual for maintenance" which describes maintenance procedures and precautions of the Motorcycle, tightening Torque, special Tools required, Wiring diagram, etc..There is a dedicated Manual for each model and model.I read the Service Manual, I learned...

E135 Stop lamp for V47 GIVI
sawan: Others V47 GIVI
  • Others V47 GIVI
posted Feb 10, 2018

Function is satisfactory, making is not ...

oleh Japan User(translated) (156058)dariJapan

There is only OEM Product, LED Pitch is in Reflector hole Pitch of installation place and it looks properly.However, Wiring to the lid contacts is a parting pattun unless Wiring far from the contact side is well wired due to the Length of the Limit, or Wiring of the contacts can not take into consideration the capture of four Wiring intake ports Be...

Front Stem Up Stand Unit
posted Feb 9, 2018

Men's wandering Items.

oleh Japan User(translated) (156058)dariJapan

I already bought the same unit 's Rear stands, so I bought Front stand as well.Since I am an amateur, I can only do cleaning Wheel even if raising the Front.However, Motorcycle that is Lift up is Parenthesis well, I drink alcohol while looking at that figure (Lol)Motorcycle has a high preference, so I think that I also need something like this....

Camouflage Pattern Motorcycle Cover Osaka Fiber
  • SUZUKI DF125 DJEBEL/200/250、DR250S/SH
  • YAMAHA WR 250X
  • WR 250R
  • ...dan banyak lagi.
posted Feb 9, 2018

Texture of texture.

oleh Japan User(translated) (156058)dariJapan

Texture is not a very good compliment. However, I think that it is appropriate to consider the price.KLX250's conformity Size was 4L Size, I purchased 4L Size and watched it but Tire protruded a little but generally it was able to cover Cover overall. Blue We do not use it under the sky, we use it under the roof so we hope that it will last lon...

Rear Stand L-type Unit
posted Feb 8, 2018

Texture was also good, although COSPA wa...

oleh Japan User(translated) (156058)dariJapan

It is Rear stands of Type that puts Swingarm on L shaped Hook and lifts up.I had been planning to improve the efficiency of Chain's maintenance before, and if I happened to NetSurfing it was cheaper than the other products so I tried purchasing it.The impressions I tried use to go up, but I feel unstable and I got worried while working. To be h...

Service Manual [Complete Version] YAMAHA
sawan: YAMAHA SRV250 (4DN1-6)
  • YAMAHA SRV250 (4DN1-6)
posted Feb 8, 2018

Helpful book

oleh Japan User(translated) (156058)dariJapan

It is a very useful book for those who maintain the Motorcycle with Private. It can be very helpful when we can not respond with intuition alone. The price was too high and it was not as good as it was not handy so I was helped several times.

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