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DIO Series Brake Camshaft KN Planning
sawan: HONDA AF34、35
  • HONDA AF34、35
  • AF27/28
  • DIO/SR AF18、25
  • ...dan banyak lagi.
posted Nov 15, 2017

KN Planning DIO Series Brake Camshaf...

oleh SpringUp (26)dariThailand

KN Planning DIO Series Brake Camshaft มือลิง ใส่ได้กับ dio 18-28 zx 34 35 ใส่ได้พอดีตรงรุ่น สีสวย ดูดีมีราคา เหมาะสำหรับตกแต่งรถให้มีสีสันดูน่าสนใจ
(translated by Google Translator)
KN Planning DIO Series Brake Camshaft Handy with dio 18-28 zx 34 35. Fit to fit in beautiful color, good price, suitable for decorating the car to look attractive.

[NISSIN Repair Parts for Master Cylinder] Master Cylinder Repair Kit NISSIN
sawan: Others Universal
  • Others Universal
posted Nov 11, 2017

I do not understand at all because it do...

oleh Japan User(translated) (153614)dariJapan

I bought it at Overhaul of 88NSR but it does not suit. Same Nisshin, same 1 / 2, the same shape.Also, put Rubber's Seal in Piston yourself (Instruction Manual is not available) I have work..Piston is slightly short. Furthermore Seal seems to be Small or it seeped out from the Lever side. I also thought whether to remove OEM's Seal, but I do...

Brake Pads NTB
sawan: HONDA Hornet900 (HORNET) JH2SC482 CB900F2 G FNo.2M000001-9999999 Used place : Front Required Number of Sets : 1
  • HONDA Hornet900 (HORNET) JH2SC482 CB900F2 G FNo.2M000001-9999999 Used place : Front Required Number of Sets : 1
  • Hornet900 (HORNET) JH2SC482 CB900F2 F FNo.2M000001-9999999 Using Position: Front
  • Hornet900 (HORNET) JH2SC482 CB900F2 E/ED FNo.2M000001-9999999
  • HORNET (HORNET) MC31 CB250FV/CB250FV-II J/2J FNo.1100001-1149999
  • ...dan banyak lagi.
posted Nov 10, 2017

It will stop normally

oleh Japan User(translated) (153614)dariJapan

It will stop normally. With peace of mind, I can tour Tour this price.I am satisfied.. I do not yet know the durability, but I think I will also purchase this item.

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