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Super Clamp STD JURAN
sawan: Others Universal
  • Others Universal
posted May 22, 2018

JURAN Super Clamp STD

oleh Anonymous (19)dariBelarus

Hey. I want to share a review of the purchased product. This is a stainless steel clamp for clamping the connection between the muffler and the manifold. This collar, a good replacement for the original, which on my motorcycle has already worn out and needs replacement for a new one. The goods are of excellent quality. Quick installation. I recomme...

Knock Pin K-PIT
  • Grom
posted May 16, 2018

CUB 100 THAIHead at Camshaft SprocketCen...

oleh Japan User(translated) (158305)dariJapan

CUB100 THAIHead(100EX - HA 05) Copy goods purchased.When I tried Rose, Camshaft SprocketCenter's Knock Pin was not attached.Although it may be unnecessary, I bought this same large size as OEM because it feels bad.It is satisfying because it was able to install exactly but perfectly.

Stainless Steel Safety Wire DAYTONA
posted May 15, 2018

Cost effective

oleh Anonymous (24)dariThailand

Wiring to prevent loosening of Bolt for racing circuit. packet is good.
High Quality. 450g (190M) is Cost effective. thank you.

Chain Brush Webike Garage
posted May 14, 2018

Was good!

oleh Japan User(translated) (158305)dariJapan

Non-seal Chain I use it for cleaning.It gets shorter when polishing Goshigoshi, it feels good to see it becoming more beautiful than anything else.

Yamashiro YK-004 Motorcycle & Automobile Torque Wrench #1 Yamashiro
posted May 13, 2018

A Great 1/4" Drive Torque Wrech

oleh Anonymous (24)dariAustralia

The "Yamashiro YK-004 Motorcycle & Automobile Torque Wrench #1" will torque up most nuts and bolts on GROMs with a torque range of 5-25 Nm. It (the YK-004) has large clear numerals and increments highlighted with paint. Being a CLICK TYPE torque wrench it has a quality loud sharp signal/click. The tool is factory filled with grease so only needs ...

Oil Disposal BOX 4.5L Nitrile Gloves Set Webike Garage
posted May 10, 2018

A necessary and sufficient Size is good

oleh Japan User(translated) (158305)dariJapan

I bought it for the initial Oilfor Replacement of Z 900 rs.Box and Vinyl were also solid, so even after putting Oil, it will not collapse due to weight or bag will not be broken soon.Among them, Dustcloth is contained and Oil is often sucked.However, I do not know whether there is a useless waste oil box

Funnel amon
posted May 9, 2018

amon Funnel

oleh Anonymous (2)dariBelarus

I want to share a review of the purchased product for use in motorcycle maintenance. The funnel is an excellent aid for pouring oil into the engine. The oil fills the engine quickly and without streaks. Similarly, the funnel can be used to fill the antifreeze and other liquids. I recommend this product. You will not regret buying.

12.7sq. Socket Adapter KTC
posted May 8, 2018

The finish is beautiful! As expected! JA...

oleh Japan User(translated) (158305)dariJapan

After all it is JAPAN. Finishing is also beautiful and precision is good so that it can not affix a sting. It is not a frequently used thing, but I think it will be useful if you put it in a tool box.You will want to carefully handle good ones. It shines in the tool box!

WHEEL WEIGHT .75OZ 10PK [0365-0102] NO-MAR
posted May 6, 2018

Parenthesis good

oleh Japan User(translated) (158305)dariJapan

I fixed it with Screw so I thought it was easy to use and purchased it. Besides, I cut something of Body and made something of various weights and enjoyed it in a certain way.

Wheel Tool Balancer Gyro Stand DRC
posted May 6, 2018

Easy to use

oleh Japan User(translated) (158305)dariJapan

It is necessary to use while lubricating Bearing etc..If you forget it, each part seems to be damaging in the blink of an eye, I feel that I need attention.

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