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Wire Injector Webike Garage
posted Mar 14, 2018

It makes lubricating your cables so much...

oleh Anonymous (6)dariSingapore

Have been using this to lubricate my cables and it made my life so much easier. Easy to use, doesn't make much of a mess, compact and it's black(my favourite colour). It's probably as good as MotionPro ones. if not, better!
Highly recommended!

COLONY Pitch Gauge Inch /mm GUTSCHROME
posted Mar 10, 2018

For Amateur

oleh Japan User(translated) (156347)dariJapan

Inch, milli's Bolt's pitch, diameter, length can be measured. However, since these can be measured with one Gauge, the ease of individual measurement is inferior to the exclusive item. Gauge is PlasticDurability will be low as figures are printed. It is good for occasional use as a hobby, but I think that it is better not to use it at work.

3/8DR Deep Socket 14MM SIGNET
posted Mar 8, 2018

It is surprisingly easy to use

oleh Japan User(translated) (156347)dariJapan

I just bought it because the 14 mm Socket got useless. SIGNET 's Wrench is 10 years long even if it is used for a while, so I use it as a tool for Main as it is durable.I needed enough for this Socket.

Wire Injector Webike Garage
posted Mar 5, 2018

Easy to use

oleh Japan User(translated) (156347)dariJapan

There is oil leakage during lubrication at any Wire injector.This item was purchased because COSPA is good. We can use it without problems. I think that it is easy to make, so it will not break, Material : Because Rubber products are built in, oil resistance is a concern.

Tap Dice Set E-Value
posted Mar 5, 2018

Ideal for rebuilding Screw Mountain

oleh Japan User(translated) (156347)dariJapan

The price was cheap and I was uneasy but it was able to be used without problems.I am worried about durability, but now we can use it without problems.High accuracy, ideal for rebuilding rusted Screw Mountain, hole.

Air Gauge amon
posted Mar 4, 2018

Easy to use

oleh Japan User(translated) (156347)dariJapan

Tire Gauge conveniently bought three kinds. Gauge without other company's Hose got the CRF 1000 LAfrica Twin that we own, made it by Emon because Desk interferes with it and it can not measure it well and it gets out of air every time we measure it, but this is excellent. I found it difficult to measure that Motosecycle had no Hose. I should ha...

Tool Set (1 Set of 33pcs.) KITACO
sawan: Others Universal
  • Others Universal
posted Mar 4, 2018


oleh Japan User(translated) (156347)dariJapan

Look for Compact things as an on-board tool and purchase.Fortunately there are no scenes that became necessary at the destination after purchasing.good point- Compact and rich in variety* Universal joint and Extension bar, rich in 3 types of turning parts.* Although I ordered all the tools, although it was a Sports type motorbike, I could not use i...

Tire Lever & Rim Protector Set Webike Garage
posted Mar 3, 2018

No problem at all

oleh Japan User(translated) (156347)dariJapan

The price is affordable and making is solid, too.I use it 3 to 4 times for Tire exchange, but there is no problem.I did not need a Rim protector.I would like you to sell LeverSingle Item.

Oil Disposal BOX 2L Nitrile Gloves Set Webike Garage
posted Mar 3, 2018

It's tolerable.

oleh Japan User(translated) (156347)dariJapan

Buy with price adjustment and 125, 250ccClass Oilfor Replacement.Nitrile glove set is pretty nice.If it is too much Large Size it will get in the way and this is good for me.It is the same or cheap as Home center etc, so I would like to use it again.

Optimate 4-Dual TECMATE
posted Mar 2, 2018

Is it easy to use?

oleh Japan User(translated) (156347)dariJapan

Although I purchased it for the first time, it was easy to use and was better than I thought.However, it is a drawback that the Instruction Manual is hard to read and the price is expensive. I was worrying about Instruction Manual and watching YouTube.Overall, I am satisfied

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