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RSR045 DRY MASTER Rain Suit RS Taichi
posted Sep 13, 2017

RS Taichi RSR045 DRY MASTER Rain Suit

oleh Anonymous (1)dariSingapore

RS Taichi RSR045 Dry Master Rain suit is not only compact (as seen in attached photo), but also very waterproof. Was caught in heavy rain on 2 consecutive days but remained dry completely after donning the rain suit. Highly recommended for riders!

SLJ-7111 Classic Leather Jacket SIMPSON
posted Sep 9, 2017

Wow that's cool

oleh Japan User(translated) (151342)dariJapan

I chose not to be too flashy.Because it is genuine leather I want to wear forever.Size feels like her arms are a bit nice.It is regrettable that it is made in Korea.

[Spring-Summer Apparel Outlet] Mesh Riders Jacket [Special Price Items] HONDA RIDING GEAR
posted Sep 9, 2017

Chest pocket is convenient

oleh Japan User(translated) (151342)dariJapan

I owned the color difference and I liked the many of Pocket.Since it was 50% down in Sale this time, impulse buying.Mesh is appreciated in summer.

RSB267 Waist Bag (L) RS Taichi
posted Sep 9, 2017

Just right?

oleh Japan User(translated) (151342)dariJapan

I used cheap Hip bag until now.Because there are lots of luggage, the inside is in a state of festival soon ~So purchase here.Pocket is not too much, too little.Main can be organized because it has Pocket inside.I imagined that it was a little bigger ~In actual use, this is good.

Kushitani Flat Fit Sleeve YOSHIMURA
posted Sep 8, 2017

Design - The fitted feeling is the best

oleh Japan User(translated) (151342)dariJapan

Purchase for sunburn protection in the summer. Until now, Sleeve of this kind used the guy attached in the appendix of the magazine.Sleeve of the appendix I used up to now was quite a tight fitting feeling and it seemed to have left the seams in alignment with the arms, but this item is a product of the first-class Manufacturer. Moderate oppression...

VAPOR PRO Elbow Protector alpinestars
posted Sep 8, 2017

It is still Gap

oleh Japan User(translated) (151342)dariJapan

Previously I used something with Protector, but I was looking for a dedicated elbow. When collecting information around us it was hardmaterial at the part where the elbow was hit and protection from rocks and hard things was high, but I heard that it is inevitable that Gap is inevitable. So I did not have any friends using this product so I bought ...

Pawtector Gloves WHITE FOX
posted Sep 7, 2017

Yellow bald is hidden, the worst

oleh Japan User(translated) (151342)dariJapan

Where I arrived and went to Touring as soon as it arrived. Within 30 minutes the part of White Rubber turned yellow and turned color. I bought 6000 yen and bought a new item but it is disappointing that it got turned into a bad second hand product in no time. When the difference between Yellow Bali and other White part is Large, every time I see it...

Sunglasses Tribal D-for
posted Sep 7, 2017

Design Fit

oleh Japan User(translated) (151342)dariJapan

DesignFit feeling is very good. But long distance Touringetc. Then temple is pressed down and it hurts. I think that it is better to use it with a slight ride.

posted Sep 7, 2017

It is largely good

oleh Japan User(translated) (151342)dariJapan

Although I feel a little stiff when worn, I like the design as it looks good. Protector of the elbow and shoulder is useless because the price is cheap, but it is too thin. Protector of TAICHI was installed in the chest Protector Hook so it was good. Spec installed by Protector on the back. It is regrettable because it has not become.

[Apparel Outlet] [Honda CLASSICS] Vintage Riders Jacket [Special Price Items] HONDA RIDING GEAR
posted Sep 6, 2017

Sale was so impulsive buying

oleh Japan User(translated) (151342)dariJapan

I like Design.It is convenient that there are more Pocket than anything else. There are three in the chest including Inner Pocket.The long wallet does not fit, but it is still good."All the year" Although there is, in winter it seems to be hard.

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