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SA-211 Waterproof Leg Bag KOMINE
posted Mar 15, 2018

Compact size. I love it more than I thou...

oleh Anonymous (12)dariThailand

It is compact and hangs around your waist very well. Surprisingly the pocket is large enough to even carry my Samsung Galaxy Tab S. So I am super satisfied. Been walking with this bag all day and it is very comfortable. Happily recommend.

[MONKEY 50 Anniversary] MONKEY Baja T-shirt HONDA RIDING GEAR
posted Mar 13, 2018

Very nice! I Love it!

oleh Anonymous (2)dariUnited States

Thank you, fits great and looks wonderful! It was an actual Honda brand shirt, and the colors were very vivid. We Bike is the best for rare parts and cool items! A+

RSX159 Cool Ride Face Mask RS Taichi
posted Mar 12, 2018

Comfortable and cooling.

oleh Anonymous (3)dariSingapore

This face mask is surprisingly comfortable and cooling to use especially during long ride and hot weather. Probably the best face mask i ever bought!

Riders Mesh Jacket ROUGH&ROAD
posted Mar 11, 2018

Good for warm weather riding

oleh Anonymous (1)dariHong Kong

Just as what I expected, it is not a bulky nor heavy jacket, ventilation is fine with soft texture, and I reckon it as a perfect jacket for daily commuting in shiny days. It is also carefully crafted and stitched, and the leather strips around the chest and shoulders help maintaining the fitment, I am quite satisfied with the overall built quality....

ROAM2 Waterproof Boots 1014 alpinestars
posted Mar 10, 2018

Almost as desired Long boots

oleh Japan User(translated) (156347)dariJapan

So far it was Short TypeI thought it would be Long boots next time to buy,● As a condition of purchase1. Long bootsType2. It is not Fastener stop3. Waterproof Type4. Be strong5. As cheap as possibleAs an impression of actually using itI felt a bit cold as I was wearing common socks at cold temperatures in March.The weather was also good when the wa...

[Closeout Item] Protection Gloves [Special Price Item] Webike Motosports
posted Mar 7, 2018

Cospa strongest

oleh Japan User(translated) (156347)dariJapan

Purchased because it was cheap on Sale.Although I thought that it might be difficult to use somewhat because it is cheap, I purchased it, but I am satisfied because it is very easy to use and durability seems to be good.I do not know because safety of the essential Protector part has not overturned, but I think that the safety of the Protector part...

KAWASAKI x RS Thailand Aviator All Seasons Jacket KAWASAKI
posted Mar 6, 2018

I have not used it in summer yet

oleh Japan User(translated) (156347)dariJapan

I have not used it in the summer yet, but I am satisfied with Large now.In Jacket there is one HeatTEC, midwinter (0 degree) I do not feel the cold even if I run in!I think that the windproof effect is absolutely Large and it is a wonderful item.This winter was over with this!Midsummer is with Ventilation so I'm looking forward to seeing how mu...

[Fall-Winter Apparel Outlet] RSU600 e-HEAT Inner Vest Size: XL [Special Price Item] RS Taichi
posted Mar 5, 2018

It is warm without electricity input

oleh Japan User(translated) (156347)dariJapan

Even if there is no electricity it is so warm there. However, as there is no sleeve, if you take Inner of Winter jacket and wear it inside, I feel comfortable, but my arms are cold. When I wear it with Jacket's Inner, because I am metabolic, my body gets tight. So I think whether long sleeve eHeat was better.

RSP041 12V Vehicle Connection Cable Set RS Taichi
posted Mar 5, 2018

A bit expensive

oleh Japan User(translated) (156347)dariJapan

First, because it is a hard plastic that is about Red insertion opening of Power Supply Cable, it is hard Plastic, so even if you lift it, you can come off quickly. If you do not do it to a little elastic lid it is stopping outside and rain falls and water drops stick to the insertion mouth (Since it is attached directly to Battery) Short it?And th...

Backpack - R25 kriega
posted Mar 5, 2018

High price

oleh Japan User(translated) (156347)dariJapan

It would be great if the price got easier a little more.The best part of this Backpack is a locking mechanism that fits in your chest.This is useful.Also, Fastener also has DoubleSpec. I hope it becomes.

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