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Paling banyak dilihat Ranked # 1 daripada 102 modeldalam YAMAHA -50cc
Jenama Best

DAYTONA Super Clutch Center Spring

10% up. ypu can feel the different from STD spring rate from mid to hi RPM. Very recommended for bore up engine and big chamber.value for money

CF POSH Racing Pulley Belt

Firstly, I was surprised to hear from the purchase procedure, it arrived at hand very quickly ☆Although it is a product Impression, for Drive belt, it can be used without any problem when using Tuning assumption.It is the best Belt as my driving configuration Items ☆Belt raised, let me use it ☆

MAXFIRE Super Iridium Plug

Selection of Plug was also a difficult place as we are familiar with various things such as 65ccBore up, NRMagicExhaust Chamber, High Speed ??Pulley etc.. I ran the second fastest from the OEM, but I could not correct the soothed feeling even if I adjust the air / fuel ratio to any extent. When I re...

KN Planning Brake Mesh Hose 905mm [Black]

I am using it for JOG sports 3 RY. Brake system of Others is NORMAL. Normal brake hose was also getting tired with the year only for the year. This Brake hose is Mesh hose, but because Color is Black, it was perfect for me who sticks to the NORMAL style. Since performance is Mesh hose, of course, I ...

KN Planning Brake Clamp Set

Ideal for One point Custom. Although it is only self-satisfactory, appearance changes considerably and Cost performance is good. We are exchanging at the same time with Mission oil cap of the same Manufacturer, but it is satisfied Customly.

DAYTONA Reinforced V Belt

I bought it with the DAYTON APulley kit at the same time. It took a long time to get used to it, but after break-in I feel comfortable with Pulley kit and will run comfortably.

DAYTONA Power Advance/Super High Speed Pulley Kit

I purchased the DAYTON APulley kit I was interested in when exchanging OEMPulley. Clearance of Pulley and Slide Piece It was bad, because the movement of Ramp Plate was bad, I shaved it a little. It got better now - - - So the quality is two stars.Although it is an impression of running, the acceler...

DAYTONA Power Advanced/Full Digital CDI

Then put the car ran very well over it.
The car ran very well drive much faster, stronger, more clearly.
Delivery service with great sensitivity.

DAYTONA Power Advanced/Full Digital CDI


NBS JAPAN Remote Controller Jog ZR Exterior (1 Set...

I did not expect Quality, but when I opened it after arrival Wound.Purchasing is useless.Garbage box.

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