JAPAN Drive V Belt Standard Type

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Kedudukan # 92 dalam Drive Belt
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GRONDEMENT Parts Number: VBJ-103H
STD Type

Manufactured and designed FOR JAPAN MODEL in JAPAN Drive V Belt.
V Belt with High performance and low price is the VBJSeries in the structure of high-reliability and durability of the heart line Material and high-quality Rubber 3.
Looking for cost performance without compromising on quality and design, and provides longer life.
DriveV Belt life of the powered scooter can be said with confidence to get use to the User,
We provide test development stage without intent.
In the role VBJDrive belt

1. Drive-side Pulley with Driven side Pulley power transmission
2. Part of the transmission
3. Low Cost performance

Set in the appropriate areas faithfully fulfill the role of the Drive belt is VBJSeries Slip rate fits your vehicle.
As a result achieved in and convey the KICKDown effect occurs on the Smooth gearbox in the Pulley and Camshaft Torque from Pulley of the Drive side to ensure a high level of durability.
Gondementvbjdive belt is 100% domestically,
And Clear the Jaso in Japan while performance and low price that combines both high-quality Drive belt.
* The image is only for reference. The shown image may differ from the actual product.
* Break-in operation is required after replacing the drive belt.
* If there may be an instruction manual included, it will be written in Japanese.

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