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WM is a leading brand in Japan for single customization. They release many high quality parts. Their products range widely from exterior parts to exhausts and handle surroundings.

WM Middle Short Aluminum Front Fender

Nice fender, looks great on my CB. Very light due to it being made from aluminiu...

WM Bolt-on Handlebar Lock Kit

After installation, I parked and tried to put Handlebar Lock, but it did not tak...

WM Handlebar Stopper

The appearance is high texture. However, since it is Handlebar Stopper, I do not...

WM Headlight Bracket I

If I grind with METALCompound it will shine and the Reverse side blew Clear for ...

WM Tail Lamp LUCAS Type

I also never disliked the OEM's deca square tail lamp, but the Rear part of ...

WM Handlebar Stopper

It is best to avoid rusting with Stainless Steel.Installation does not cause pro...

WM Special Manifold Set

I'm using this manifold with Keihin FCR 39mm on 2008 Yamaha Sr400,the advantage ...

WM FCR Carburetor Φ39 TPS-SP

Since TPS is attached to Carburetor Vehicles since the 2003 formula, in order to...

WM Axle Holder Barnett Type

In addition to ThrottleSwitch 's Custom, it was necessary to replace the Thr...

WM SR NEO Stainless 7R Megaphone Exhaust System

Change from Slip-on Silencer for third-party product FI.Impression is Power feel...

WM Bolt-on Handlebar Lock Kit

If a separate handle is used and a handle stopper is attached, it becomes imposs...

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